Circular Economy Listening Report and Consultation Paper

Australian Capital Territory

Aestra was engaged by ACT NoWaste within the ACT Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate (TCCS) to analyse community feedback on the draft ACT Circular Economy Strategy 2022–25.

The ACT Government developed the draft Strategy as part of its commitment to a sustainable and equitable future. The Strategy aims to outline steps to move away from a linear, throwaway system towards a system which is resource efficient and regenerative by keeping resources in continuous use at their highest possible value, maximising the lifespan of products and materials and reducing consumer pressure on natural resources.

Community consultation on the draft Strategy was undertaken over a six-week period from October to December 2022. The community consultation included an online survey via YourSay and written submissions, as well as engagement through social media and the Canberra Business Update electronic newsletter.

Aestra undertook a quantitative and qualitative analysis of community feedback received on the draft Strategy. This included the analysis and presentation of key findings from over 160 survey responses and 35 written submissions.

The Listening Report (Building Canberra’s Circular Economy: draft ACT Circular Economy Strategy 2022–25) is a publicly available document which was published by the ACT Government on its website at the conclusion of the consultation process. Aestra’s Circular Economy Consultation Engagement Report is used by ACT NoWaste to guide the scope of subsequent circular economy reforms.


Photo credit: Martin Barraud, 2013.