Circular Economy Policy

Australian Capital Territory

Aestra was engaged by ACT NoWaste within the ACT Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate (TCCS) to support the development of policy to underpin the Circular Economy Bill 2023. The delivery of circular economy legislation was an item in the ACT Labor and ACT Greens Parliamentary and Governing Agreement.

In 2022, the ACT Government published the ACT Circular Economy Strategy 2022─25 as part of its commitment to a sustainable and equitable future. The strategy aims to outline steps to move away from a linear, throwaway system towards a system which is resource efficient and regenerative, by keeping resources in continuous use at their highest possible value. This aims to maximise the lifespan of products and materials as well as reduce consumer pressure on natural resources.

The development of a circular economy in Canberra required regulatory and policy settings to be adjusted through the introduction of new legislation and supporting regulations. We worked closely with subject matter experts in ACT NoWaste to develop policy options and advice to government to support the drafting of the Circular Economy Bill 2023 and associated regulations.

The Circular Economy Bill 2023 was passed by the ACT Legislative Assembly on 24 October 2023 and replaces the Plastic Reduction Act 2021.


Photo credit: Nastoco, 2020.